Swimming Pool Pumps & Repairs

Pool pumps are essential for the proper functioning of any pool. It keeps a pool in working order by circulating water through the pool and filter. A pump is the heart of a pool’s circulation system and its main function is to pump water through the pool’s filter. It pulls water from a suction point in the pool and it pushes it through the pool’s filter, heater and chemical filtration system and then back into the pool through its return ports. This creates a continuous cleaning cycle, keeping a pool clean and functioning properly.

We offer repairs to all to all swimming pool pumps/motors. We have a dedicated team to repair any problem you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need professional help.


Is there danger in installing a pool pump?

Yes. There is the risk of electrical shock or electrocution.

Why doesn’t my pump run?

Check the power, breakers, switches, etc. If you have a timer on the system, make sure it is working properly.